5 companies that kill it with brand

Why do you need to create a website for your business?   The answer is simple. To create brand awareness and promote your company’s products or services. 

It’s not just a matter of building a perfect website.  You can create the most appealing and creative design, but if you haven’t focused on the journey or experience, your brand might be failing.

How can you focus on the journey? Let’s look at the top five world-class companies and their brand to study how they’ve mastered the art of designing brand experiences. Keep reading.



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When it comes to sportswear companies, Nike is said to be the leading brand across the globe. If there’s one thing you can say about this global leader in sportswear, it’s that it lives and breathes brand experience and sporting excellence. Look at their footwear, store branches, packaging, and of course, their websites. They all exhibit a cohesive brand experience. Both its brick-and-mortar stores and online business niches are aligned with Nike’s brand. That’s brand experience at its finest!



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When it comes to brand experience, you can’t get away without mentioning Apple. Who isn’t familiar with this brand? It’s one of the most famous brands in the world today! Apple is known for creating an experience of innovation and quality like no other. For example, as soon as you walk into their store, you are greeted by a staff member – there’s a process and part for everything.  Everything is clean, simple and unique, even down to their packaging. Simplicity and power have always been part of Apple’s branding, which is why it truly stands out as an excellent global brand.

The North Face


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Let’s move on to The North Face. When it comes to high-quality outdoor apparel, North Face is the leading brand. Its name is truly synonymous with cold weather and outdoor gear. Try to visit one of their store branches, and you’ll be amazed at how they recreated the mountaineering experience in an indoor location. The same goes for its website; when you browse it, you will feel as if you’re actually climbing a mountain. This feeling is caused by the site’s colour, style, and overall design, which says a lot about North Face as a brand.



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There is no denying that Lego is taking its brand experience to a whole new level. When you visit a Lego Store anywhere in the world, chances are you’ll be surprised at how little plastic blocks, cartoons, video games, and the store itself is all in line with Lego’s outstanding theme. Try to visit their website and watch their products come to life. They surely know how to delight children of all ages (yes even children at heart). You can’t deny that such branding is remarkable!



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Lastly, who doesn’t know IKEA? Their furniture is affordable, well-crafted, and occasionally fun to assemble. IKEA is a Swedish brand.  As you may know, the Swedish people are proud of IKEA’s world-class design. And, who doesn’t like the odd Swedish meatball? Even its website incorporates yellow and blue, which are colours that have become identifiable with IKEA as a brand. 

As with these well-known brands and companies, your products, your website, your marketing material and any physical location should live and breath your brand.  It’s about the journey you want to take your customer on. 

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