4 brand tips for your new website

Your brand isn’t just your logo, your “brand” is what your prospects of thinks of when they hear your brand name. For this reason alone, you need to have a website for your business AND make sure it is aligned it to your brand.

A website serves to establish and enhance a company’s brand. Branding through your website entails creating an image and establishing an identity for your company.

How do you go about building your identity? The visual elements of your web design should be taken into utmost consideration. These include the colour, fonts, imagery, functionality, and the overall style of your website.

Unsure how to proceed, here are a few tips to help you build a cohesive brand identity for your business with the help of a website:

Tip 1: Kick off your brand with some colour

As with any visual designs, colour plays a vital role. Heard of colour psychology? Companies use colour psychology to animate a design, convey a message, and attract the target market. Now when it comes to building the identity of your business brand, playing with colours is paramount. What type of business are you? What image would you like to project? How will the audience perceive your brand as incorporated in your website? Colours can surely make a difference in your website branding.

Tip 2: What the font?

Another thing to consider is the fonts used on your web design. The typeface you use may seem like a small detail, but it actually has a lot to say about your company’s branding. You may opt for a big, chunky font for your web design to convey a bold branding. Alternatively, you can choose a light, clean typeface for something more subtle. Now, using formal fonts may imply a serious branding for your professional type of business. On the contrary, stylish fonts may reflect the quirks and chillness of your business brand. It’s up to you to decide.

Tip 3: Picture perfect?

When it comes to your website, you can’t get away without photos. There’s no doubt that humans are visual creatures and proper imagery serves to highlight your web design. What photos are you going to use for your top header? What sorts of images are you going to post on your website? As they say, pictures speak a thousand words. They have a lot to say about your business brand. They reflect the image of your company in general. 

Tip 4: Make it function!

When it comes to functionality, users bank on easy navigation, fast loading pages, useful logins, call-to-actions, and a whole lot more. These functional features of your website can mirror your site’s brand. However, you should be wary of your website’s overall functionality. Chances are that this either makes or breaks your business brand. Some customers even choose whether or not to work with you depending on how easy your site is to use. Want to score those sales? Make sure you’ve got a functional site!

Bring it altogether

Finally, what better way to reinforce strong branding on your website than to incorporate the colours, fonts, imagery, and functionality you want to associate with your brand? All these elements of your web design are part and parcel of your company’s brand and your website in general. In the end, the users’ experience and how your site makes them feel affect how they perceive your business brand. Therefore, it will pay off to establish a strong brand identity by incorporating all the right elements.

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