Yoast SEO vs. SEO Press: Finding the Best Website Plugin

You want to get SEO right and make it easy for you?  Using a third-party plugin in WordPress might just be your best bet.  But there are numerous SEO plugins available in the market. Due to these choices, it becomes challenging to find the best plugin fit for all the functions that you need, which is time and money you don’t have.

In reality, not all plugins perform the same. Some might be loaded with tools and options for you to use, whilst others might provide minimal support. Additionally, it’s worth considering how they impact the load of your website and speed.


Look no further! We have compared two of the most popular and used plugins available in the market:


The SEOPress is known as a powerful plugin that can do a variety of functions for your website. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this SEO tool can provide you with numerous services and options. Starting from boosting web traffic, it can also help customize HTML, and add schemas. When you decide to use its free features, you may enjoy a simple and powerful website plugin that has no footprints.

In its premium version, SEOPress offers advanced features that can benefit your website. Some of these functionalities include local SEO, optimized breadcrumbs, backlink integration, and even Google Analytics. For most people, SEOPress is an outstanding choice because it has no ads and references to SEOPress.

Yoast SEO

Similar to SEOPress, Yoast SEO is also one of the most popular website plugins. It offers an easy and functional setup. Most web developers and designers explain that its popularity speaks for itself. It allows users to enjoy a variety of functions to explore content, meta descriptions, and titles. Yoast SEO also gives way to an easy setup of sitemaps and schemas. Thus, it can cater to the needs of both beginners and advanced users.

If you are looking for more options, you can subscribe to its pro version and pay for a specific price. Yoast is capable of analyzing keywords and content readability, making pages and blog posts stand out. Most importantly, it regularly conducts its updates providing the best resources and security to its users.

Side by Side Comparison Between Seopress vs Yoast Website Plugins


A significant factor to consider in choosing your plugin is its price. Indeed, both of them offer a free version. SEOPress offers a monthly cost that gives you unlimited access to its domains. However, Yoast SEO has a one-time payment and fee structure per domain plus providing add-ons for local SEO, Woocommerce and more. Therefore, even though you already paid for its package, you might end up paying more fees.

Content and Keyword Analysis

Your contents and keywords are the backbones of your website.  It’s worth noting that both SEOPress and Yoast SEO have different features and functionality, and you may need to go into the details to work out what works best for you. In terms of SEOPress, it analyzes your content and provides semantic indexing. You are shown with similar keywords and phrases from Google. Also, this platform allows you to use multiple and varying keywords.

On the other hand, Yoast conducts a readability check and gives a Flesch Reading Ease score. In its free version, it allows you to use and optimize a keyword. In the paid version, you can have more than one keyword or phrase.

Security and Support

The security and support service is vital for a plugin. Through its updates, it can fix the bugs present in the system. With this, you are guaranteed that your website is protected from harm. Similarly, its support service gives way to its users to conduct the provider and seek immediate help and assistance.

In terms of SEOPress, it updates its system without a specific schedule. If you are paying for a pro version, you get to receive a priority support service. On the other hand, Yoast is frequently updated – even on its free version. However, its support is lacking if you’re using it for free.

Despite having the best plugin, it can still be challenging to set up and develop your website. Having the best plugins isn’t always the key to have an outstanding SEO friendly website. Sometimes, you will need help from experts in this field. If you want to step-up your website to the next level, contact us for a free consultation.

For transparency, our website and those we build use Yoast SEO and their Yoast Local SEO tools.

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