The 5 Best Social Media Management Tools Reviewed

With social media becoming increasingly popular, the world is undisputedly all connected. One simple click and you could be conversing with someone on the other side of the globe. A single post from your various social media profiles could now virtually reach every corner of the world.

This is the precise reason why online businesses need to have the right social media management tools. With such tools under their belt, they could adequately manage, keep a right eye on, and virtually track everything that is going on within their social media profiles. Not only that, but social media management tools can also help businesses’ reach their full potential in terms of promotion and branding.

With the demand for such tools increasing day-in and day-out, it is to no surprise that there are already hundreds of social media management tools to choose from. However, not all of them are worth your time and effort. And that is why it is useful to know which ones are great from those that will just waste your precious time.

So, which are the best among the rest? Which are the ones that you should keep a close eye on? After reviewing a significant number of tools that we can get our hands on, here is what we believe are the five best social media management tools that you should be using right now.

  1. Buffer

This social media management platform is incredibly intuitive and has a streamlined approach. Buffer has the trust of countless big-name companies, brands, agencies, and even individuals. This is definitely because of their excellence in what they offer. They refine their services from time to time so that they won’t be behind the current trends and demands of the ever-changing world. With clean interfaces, genuinely intuitive tools, and excellent customer service, there is no wonder why Buffer is already the preference of the lot. And you better believe it that many will soon follow.

How much is it:

  • $15    1 user/month, 8 social profiles, limited to 100 posts per month per profile
  • $65    2 user/month, 8 social profiles, limited to 2,000 posts per month per profile
  • $99    6 user/month, 25 social profiles, limited to 2,000 posts per month per profile
  • $199   11 user/month, 50 social profiles, limited to 2,000 posts per month per profile
  • $399  26 user/month, 150 social profiles, limited to 2,000 posts per month per profile
  1. Hootsuite

When it comes to convenience and handling multiple social media profiles effectively all at once, Hootsuite is the king. This social media management tool is the biggest among the five that we will be discussing today. As of right now, it has an overwhelming number of over 15 million people using their services worldwide. You can highly attribute their success with their all in one approach to social media management. Within Hootsuite, you could monitor multiple accounts at the same time, connect over 35 social media networks, and bulk-schedule posts effectively. And that is just a small sample to what is a high number of useful and active tools within their disposal.

How much is it:

  • $45    1 user/month, 10 social profiles, unlimited posting
  • $189   3 user/month, 20 social profiles, unlimited posting
  • $599 (only annual billing)  5 user/month, 35 social profiles, unlimited posting
  1. Agora Pulse

Just like the previous entry, Agora Pulse is also an all in one social media management platform that has the usual features such as scheduling, responding, and reporting features. However, what sets this particular tool apart from its contemporaries is its ability to analyze your business competitors and even Facebook contest apps for such a minuscule amount compared to others.

How much is it:

  • $99   3 user/month, 10 social profiles, additional profile – $12/month, add-on user $39
  • $199   6 user/month, 25 social profiles, additional profile – $9/month, add-on user $39
  • $299   12 user/month, 40 social profiles, additional profile – $6/month, add-on user $39
  • $499   20 user/month, 70 social profiles, additional profile – $4/month, add-on user $15
  1. Sendible

Sendible is made with big agencies in mind. Its target market is the companies and industries. However, that does not necessarily mean that individuals and small business upstarts should stay away from this one. Though its features and services prove to be more complicated than the other ones mentioned here, it can still prove fruitful for those that will pour their time on it. On top of the usual features that every excellent social media management tool must have, Sendible allows users to customize their very own dashboard in accordance with their respective brandings.

How much is it:

  • $29     1 user/month, 12 services*,  no reports
  • $99     3 users/month, 48 services* 6 reports
  • $199   7 users/month, 105 services*, 35 reports, unlimited scheduling
  • $299  12 users/month, 192 services*, 60 reports, unlimited scheduling

Note: A service is a one-way interaction with any social media network. You may need multiple services per social profile

  1. Sprout Social

You can see a close resemblance to Hootsuite with this one. Like the other social media management tool that belongs to this list, Sprout Social combines a lot of varying features and greatly expounds around it. You can expect effective monitoring, scheduling, accurate analytics, and so much more. On top of that, Sprout Social is one of the few social media management platforms that can provide various customer relationship management features. This means that you can have a complete profile of your own customers, enabling you to help them much better and to build strong relationships with them.

How much is it:

  • $99    1 user/month, 5 social profiles
  • $149   1 user/month, 10 social profiles
  • $249  1 user/month, 10 social profiles


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