Super Movement Digital Transformation

Super Movement – Elevating an Inclusive Fitness Studio’s Digital Presence

Super Movement, led by Janis, is an inclusive fitness studio offering a variety of classes such as mat Pilates, studio Pilates, functional strength training, and kids/teen fitness. With fully accessible studios in Altona North and Spotswood, they needed a digital platform that could be easily updated, especially their class timetable.


  • Conduct a comprehensive website and SEO audit with actionable recommendations.
  • Refresh and redesign key sections of the website, including the homepage, trainers, classes, and about us.
  • Fix non-functioning lead forms.
  • Update the class timetable regularly.
  • Improve location visibility on the website.
  • Integrate Instagram feed to make the homepage more dynamic.
  • Ensure the website is responsive across all devices.


Website and SEO Audit

We initiated the project with a thorough website and SEO audit, providing Super Movement with a set of recommendations to improve their online presence.

Website Redesign

We refreshed and redesigned key sections of the website, such as the homepage, trainers, classes, and the about us section, to make it more user-friendly and visually appealing.

Lead Forms and Timetable

The lead forms, which were previously not functioning, were fixed to ensure smooth customer inquiries. The class timetable was updated to reflect the most current offerings.

Location and Instagram Integration

We improved the visibility of the studio locations on the website and integrated their Instagram feed into the homepage, adding a dynamic element to the site.


The website was responsive to ensure a seamless user experience across various devices.


The website now boasts a modern and clean design, aligning perfectly with Super Movement’s brand ethos. Janis is extremely pleased with the outcome, particularly because it was achieved within her budget constraints.

Super Movement now has a robust and dynamic digital platform that enhances its brand and offers an easy-to-navigate experience for its clients. The website is set up for infrequent updates, particularly for the class timetable, making it a practical solution for the client’s needs. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with Super Movement, helping them continue to thrive in the fitness industry.

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