7 Essential Factors to Go From a Good to a Great Web Design

Make sure that your business’s website has great web design by making sure you follow these essential points. Your site is the most crucial tool that can help you in so many ways.

Your website is:

  • A bridge to reach more people on social media.
  • Where you promote your brand and attract more consumers.
  • Vital to have when it comes to promotion.
  • A great platform to impress your visitors.
  • Where you persuade customers to put interest in your business

There are many considerations when you make or launch a website online. A business owner must make sure that the website content is informative enough to orient their visitors about their particular brand. A web design must be creative and alluring as your aim is to make your visitors stay on your website.

Do you think your site is good enough to entice your visitors? Is it accessible and convenient? Is its loading times fast enough? Below are some of the things that you must consider in website designing to give better assistance to your visitors.

Characteristics of a Good Web Design

Provides Important Details

Your contact information is an essential part of your website. Your company’s contact number is necessary for enquiries. An email address also serves as a platform for your customers to reach you. If you have a central office, you may want to include the location address for the benefit of walk-in customers. You may also put the map of your location for them to reach you more comfortably. There is no need to put everything on your contact information – keep it simple and remove any irrelevant information

Organized Content

Are you providing too much information?  Are your customers dropping off? Organize and group your content on your website. Make it informational in a creative way. Choose easy-to-read typefaces. Refrain from making your website too wordy particularly on your homepage. Your homepage should be a one-stop shop that leads your visitor to the information they need.

Responsive To Users

Check if your website is working well on all devices. A website must be sensitive to all types of devices and gadgets, including voice-operated devices. You must provide convenience to your website visitors. For smartphone users, it should be accessible for them despite the small screens. Make it easier for them to view the content. When they click the menu, your website must respond quickly. Organize your layouts by adjusting it according to screen size.

Speedy and Accessible

Slow websites will incur lots of drop-offs of visitors. It is vital to provide quick access to your site. It must load within three seconds. According to Kissmetrics, 40 % of people leave websites that are not accessible in less than two seconds. Avoid images with huge sizes to achieve a speedy load of sites. These are speed killers.  If you do have a image-heavy website, think about using an image compressor such as WP Smush (it’s one of our favourites).

Simple and Understandable Navigation

Simple navigation is a requirement to keep your customers happy. The main navigation must appear on every page and consider using a “return to top” if you need to scroll down. Don’t confuse your visitor – the less options, the better.  We think 7-8 is a great number of pages for your top navigation.

Effective Branding

The website design reflects the personality of the brand you are endorsing. Your website showcases elements that are vital for branding purposes. Consider the attractiveness of your logo, background color, and the font of texts. These things are your visual cues to maintain the presence of your brand on multiple platforms online.

Show off the value of your brand through extraordinary branding tactics. Make your branding remarkable to customers. Promote your brand in a way it will leave a significant mark on them. Branding with a taste of good personality builds trust. You will be able to persuade more people to patronize your products.

Handles Error Well

Error is pervasive on websites. What matters most is your way of attending to this kind of inconvenience to customers. Sometimes, customers go to an invalid URL. It is a must to provide an error prompt for users to lead them to the right place. It will annoy your web visitors if there will be no instant resolution to errors.

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