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Media Bootcamp Case Study: Design Grid’s Wix Website Redesign Success

Explore how Design Grid collaborated with Media Bootcamp to revamp their Wix website and elevate their online presence. Learn how our bespoke templates and expert design transformed their digital platform.

Media Bootcamp, led by industry veterans Ginger Gorman and Sue White, is a dynamic and agile force in online media training. With a remarkable 40 years of combined industry experience, Media Bootcamp offers a range of courses, from mastering online presentations to expert media pitching. They have carved a unique niche in the Australian media landscape by providing distinctive, remote, and flexible learning experiences tailored to the rapidly evolving media environment.

The Challenge:

After seeing our work with Karen Percy Ink’s website, Media Bootcamp wanted to work with us to create a bold and creative redesign for their newly launched products. Media Bootcamp’s primary goal was to offer an accessible and budget-friendly training platform catering to individual learners and corporate clients. They aimed for a quick yet impactful redesign of their existing website, focusing on refreshing the look and feel, segmenting product offerings, and improving the user interface. The challenge was to create a digital space that reflected their deep-rooted insider knowledge and practical media skills honed over decades of journalistic excellence.

Our Solution:

Design Grid was thrilled to collaborate with Media Bootcamp and understood the project’s urgency. Our initial focus was crafting four bespoke templates that would form the foundation of their website. While Design Grid designed and constructed all top-level pages, Media Bootcamp would manage product offerings. We provided comprehensive training to ensure seamless product addition and updates using the templates we created. Our commitment was to deliver a solution that met and surpassed their needs and aligned with their immediate priorities and future aspirations.

The Results:

The redesigned Media Bootcamp website speaks to their target audience. It boasts a stunning, easy-to-navigate homepage with transparent corporate, institutional, and individual client sections. The design is intuitive, making it effortless for visitors to find the perfect course. Inspired by our work with Karen Percy Ink, we crafted a striking, straightforward website perfectly aligned with Media Bootcamp’s unique offerings. Built swiftly on Wix for user-friendliness, the website showcases its new products and services with flair.

Client Feedback:

“The site looks fabulous. I think it’ll be a hit. Excited to continue our journey with Design Grid for ongoing tech support!”

Key Features:

  • Stunning, easy-to-navigate homepage.
  • Clear, separate sections for corporate, institutional, and individual clients.
  • An intuitive design that simplifies course selection.


The partnership with Media Bootcamp exemplifies Design Grid’s commitment to delivering bespoke design and development solutions. By creating an engaging and user-friendly website, we have empowered Media Bootcamp to expand its reach and fulfil its mission of providing quality media training for the modern world.

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