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Karen Percy Ink is a venture by a seasoned freelance journalist, writer, and broadcaster who also offers MC, hosting, and moderating services, among others. The challenge was to create a digital platform that could encapsulate the multifaceted nature of Karen’s work while maintaining a professional aesthetic.


  • Design a logo that reflects both the professional and creative aspects of Karen’s work.
  • Develop a WordPress website that is easy to navigate, mobile-responsive, and allows Karen to update her content effortlessly.
  • Initially set up a temporary website using Swipe Pages to give Karen an immediate online presence.


Logo Design

We worked closely with Karen to design a logo that would meet her needs. The final design combined a classic font with a coloured-ink splotch, capturing the essence of her work—both professional and creative.

Temporary Website

To ensure Karen had an immediate online presence, we initially set up a temporary site using Swipe Pages. This was accomplished in under a week and served as a placeholder while the full site was in development.

Full Website Development

We used WordPress and Elementor to build a comprehensive website that offers seamless navigation and is fully mobile-responsive. The site serves as a vibrant showcase of Karen’s diverse multimedia portfolio.


  • The logo has been well-received and aligns perfectly with Karen’s brand identity.
  • The temporary website served its purpose effectively, providing Karen with an immediate online presence.
  • The final WordPress website has been a resounding success, offering Karen a platform that she can easily manage and update.

Future Plans

Karen can now effortlessly manage and update her content, ensuring her digital presence remains as dynamic as she is. We look forward to supporting Karen as she continues to expand her digital footprint.


The project was a complete success, meeting all objectives and exceeding expectations. Karen Percy Ink now has a digital platform that truly reflects the breadth and depth of her work, thanks to a well-thought-out design and development strategy.

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