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Design Grid proudly presents the Werribee River Guide, a collaborative endeavour that celebrates the Werribee River’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. In partnership with the Werribee River Association (WRA), we’ve brought this project to life, offering an online platform and a printed guide to showcase the river’s treasures.

The Challenge

Our journey with WRA has been one of continuous support, spanning website development, logo design, and graphic solutions. The Werribee River Guide posed an exciting challenge: to create a comprehensive guide that captures the river’s essence and fosters collaboration among various stakeholders. It required us to leverage our expertise working with Not Profit Organisations and Associations to deliver an outstanding resource.

One of the central challenges was to ensure consistency in both the design of the printed brochure and the website. While the website needed to be dynamic and interactive, both versions had to convey the same information seamlessly. This required meticulous planning and design to maintain a unified user experience.

Our Solution

The Werribee River Guide stands as a testament to successful collaboration. It has been enriched by the contributions of esteemed partners, including Melbourne Water, Wyndham City, Parks Victoria, Werribee Open Range Zoo, Western Melbourne Tourism, and the Wadawurrung and Bunurong Traditional Owners. Our team crafted an interactive, visually captivating platform that seamlessly blends drone footage, interactive features, and stunning photography.

The Results

The Werribee River Guide is now available for all to explore. Whether planning a family outing or uncovering new trails, this guide is your go-to resource. Both online and printed versions offer a glimpse into the unique places and hidden gems that grace the Werribee River. Experience this remarkable region’s natural wonder and cultural richness by visiting werribeeriverguide.com.

Key Features

  • Captivating drone footage that brings the river’s beauty to life.
  • Interactive elements for an engaging user experience.
  • Breathtaking photography that showcases the river’s unique charm.

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