Be Bold In 2020 With A Brand New Web Design

It’s 2020, the start of a new century and you hit your website and whoa!  It’s looking like you stepped back into the nineties. It’s time for a bold fresh look!  Not sure where to start? No problemo, we have got some of the tips for new web design below to get you moving in the right direction.

Firstly though, yes, new web design is about being creative but there is a science involved in getting it right.  It isn’t just about making something look pretty (although we all like a nice cute puppy here or there!), it also needs to be functional.  So always make sure that your pretty design works just as well as it looks good!


Ready for a bold new look?  Check out our tips below:


White space is still in

Ever read a book with no margins or spaces?  Or seen ad that was just full of text? Space may be even more important than words.  Space allows your words to have importance and meaning. It can allow you to focus on the areas that need to be seen.  If you’re unsure if you have enough, print your page or design out and see how well you can read it or even better, get someone else who might have visual impairments to read it.  You’ll soon know if your message is getting across.

Keep your colour palette simple with two or three base colours

We all love rainbows and pretty colours BUT when you start mixing colours together you get mud OR a jigsaw puzzle.  Select one or two colours and then select some tones of these colours as your subsets in sites such as coolors.  Make sure to have one darker colour for your text AND most importantly make sure your colours are accessible to all – think about colour blind or those visually impaired. Try it out on your new web design.


Typography matters

Designers joke about the old “comic sans” text even though a lot of people still use it.  However, it’s worth noting that your font on your website tells a lot about you.  Older fonts might look nice but if your customer can’t read the text, they won’t bother staying on your website.  It’s best to keep your text easy to read with no cursive or stylised fonts for general reading text. If you are wanting to go a little fancy, go a little out with your headings but make sure they match your body text AND it’s still readable.  Not sure about perfect font pairings? Check out Creative Bloq for a great article. Font would really matter on your new web design.


A picture can say 1000 words…

Why write a 1000 words when you can say it with one image? Make sure to include some relevant graphics and images on your website.  If you are a product or service based company include images of your customers wearing your items or using your services. You’ll need to make sure you are across copyright and permissions first though.  Otherwise, check out some of the free sources for stock imagery or inexpensive subscriptions such as Envato Elements.



Keep it simple stupid.   So many people try to overcomplicate their websites or add more content on.  The best advice we can give is to evaluate what you currently have, see if it’s working.  If something is broken, fix it. Then work on making it brilliant.


Needing an extra set of hands to make your new web design sparkle for 2020?  We’re here to help. Get in touch now.

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