5 Important Web Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

Your website is a vital tool today to establish your online visibility and generate lead sales. A website can offer the same services a potential customer receives from visiting a physical store. It can answer any questions and indicate the basic know-how of your business. Lastly, a quality website creates your presence and credibility in the online market. However, it won’t be effective if certain web design mistakes continues to remain unfixed.

Impacts of Having Web Design Mistakes

Despite its growing importance, there are still several web design errors made while creating and establishing a website. These errors could result to inevitable consequences that a company could face – no matter how big or small a business is.  

Web design is time-consuming and costly. However, you cannot achieve returns with a website full of web design mistakes or poor performance.  

Factors to Consider in Designing Your Website

When designing your site, be sure to consider these points: 

Proper Name and Contact Display

It’s essential to be clear and concise about your company name across all aspects of your website. Such displays include pages, downloads or attachments and your domain.  By being consistent, you keep on brand and give confidence to your customers to purchase from you. A deviation to your name can leave doubt that your shop or business is fraudulent.  

Likewise, your contact details must be clear and easy to find. Customers want to know where you are located, particularly those who endeavour to support local businesses. 

Speed and Responsiveness

With the technological advancement we have attained, a slow and unresponsive site could quickly drive away your visitors. Having a responsive design is the key to achieve a website’s easy load. To have a speedy website, you should avoid using clunky codes, large images, and numerous third-party applications or plugins (external calls).

Similarly, you must also ensure that your website works well regardless of the device used. Thus, whether a visitor is using a desktop, smartphone, or iPad, your website should adjust and work equally well. 

Simple and User-Friendly

How easy is it to navigate and find information on your website? If you have trouble finding items, your customers will also experience this. This web design errors lead customers to click away from your site. 

Other items to remember are:

  • page content should go left-to-right and top-to-bottom, similar to how you read a book
  • avoid including numerous menu options in your navigation and dropdowns
  • include a strong calls-to-action on every website page


From its font style to the content itself, there are a lot of elements to consider to increase website readability. Using fonts that are fancy and don’t match with each other creates a contrast that is not pleasing in the eyes. Who would want to take time to look at the information that is hard to read? To solve this issue, you might want to stick to not more than three font styles. 

Aside from its design, quality content is also necessary for a website. You must keep the details short to allow visitors to see information easily. Remember to keep the text updated, without typographical and grammatical errors.

Limit the Pop-ups and Auto play

Pop-up menus, auto play, and Flash are considered to be annoying by most users. Despite being utilized for marketing, people might find it disturbing as they scroll through your website. These features might help you earn; however, it could decrease the number of people who views your site.

The way to solve this error is by limiting yourself from including too many ads. Remember to take note what you should avoid in including them. To guide you, prevent inserting them on your top pages, covering your content, and avoid taking up too much space. This way, you will also prevent your site from looking cheap. 

Avoid these web design mistakes by having a professionally-made website that is tailored for you. Connect with us today to schedule a free consultation

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