Top ways to increase your audience during Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has changed all of our lives and has had significant impacts on the business world. A lot of restaurants and other products/services have had to shut their doors. But, there can be ways to survive and also thrive in this current climate.

Businesses have needed to make some drastic changes to their business model overnight changing from face-to-face operations to delivery and online. However, some business models might not be able to achieve this. Does this mean you have to close down, or, can you become creative and use this time to increase your customers, update your business model or redesign/build a website?

Our next few posts will focus on how you can survive the pandemic, open or not.  

Read on now, though, to find out our top way to increase your audience, and, potentially sales for your business.  

Social Media is your lifeline.

We are all in the same boat currently. We are all trapped in our house/dwellings, yet still in need of social interaction. Make the most of the situation and keep in touch with your followers in potentially the busiest time. And, keep reminding them you are still open or available.

Make your customers feel safe.

Keep posting daily and include photos that show how serious you are treating the virus. For example, take pictures of your employees wearing masks, a spotless and clean kitchen or wearing gloves while serving etc. There are plenty of ways to reassure customers that it is safe to buy from you.

Join local directories and local Facebook groups.

Make the most of local directories and the fact that everyone wants to buy and support local – these groups are more passionate about it. Show that you are open and that you are doing your diligence to ensure no spread of any virus.  

Put your menu up or services on Facebook.

Whatever you do, make sure you show your menu or services are displayed on your website and in social media and be clear if you are delivering or allowing pick up.. Make the most of pinning an item to the top of your Facebook page with this vital message of you providing delivery and your menu. Display attractive daily specials to entice customers to keep buying from you.

Pubilicise your reviews and testimonials.

Make sure to share all positive posts shared by your customers about your food or services during this time. It doesn’t matter if they’re photos or just written comments. Any positive posts encourage others to buy or try you out. People like personal – so if you can make an emotional connection with your clients, they will be more likely to think of you as social friends rather than businesses.

Remember, not everyone can cook, people get BORED AND special events such as birthdays don’t go away!

With this in mind, people are still buying. Now is the time to show them what you’ve got!

And remember:

  • When you deliver to them:

Stay a safe distance away but also be personal – people are lonely and someone saying hi, might make them think about using you again next time.

  • Remember to thank them for using your services on Facebook and social media and in person.
  • Think about enticing them to come back with 10% off offers or 10% for a friend.
  • A little thank you gift is a lovely thought.


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