The 5 Most Compelling Reasons Why Today’s Websites Should Be Mobile Friendly

The number one reason why people use smartphones today is its accessibility. Take a quick look at your surroundings, and you’ll find an individual or even a group of people actively consumed by their smartphones. This is backed up by Statistica, which approximates that a staggering 3.2 billion people today are in possession of such. This shouldn’t be any surprise at all. After all, with the recent developments with regards to our modern technology, smartphones are now practically laptops that can fit in our tiny pockets.


Such potential for effective digital marketing hasn’t gone unnoticed by small and big businesses alike. Consumers today are more engaged in mobile accessibility more than ever before, and desktops cannot be the focus anymore. Businesses are now out on a mission to optimize their respective websites to be as mobile friendly as possible. 

Here are 5 of the most compelling reasons why you should always strive to be mobile-friendly with your website:

It Makes Your Website More Readily Available

Apart from the underlying fact that people today use smartphones more than any other device, having a mobile-friendly website also elevates its availability alongside its accessibility. Consumers are not in front of their laptops or desktops all day, but smartphones, on the other hand, are within reach 24/7. It is also worth mentioning that approximately 57% of the overall internet traffic is from mobile devices. More than ever, having your website readily available in every mobile device at all times is essential for success.

It Improves Customer Experience

Consumers are in need of a robust user experience every time they set foot on your particular website. No matter what your type of business is, people will always clamor for a positive experience on your website for them to take note of it. And since their preferred device for browsing the web are undisputedly smartphones, having a truly mobile-friendly website should already be a no brainer.

It Makes It Easy For Your Custumers to Contact You

People are always up for convenience. They want everything to be within their reach, and it immediately turns them off whenever they have to exert extra effort just to get in contact with a particular business. Having a mobile-friendly website solves just that. After all, the more convenient for them to contact you, the more likely they will do so. Make sure your email address and contact numbers on your website are easy to locate and clickable on top of it being functional and genuinely responsive, for your phone to blow up with calls.

It Proves That You Are Out To Compete

Every business today needs to have a reliable and well established mobile-friendly website. And if that isn’t one of your top priorities, then you are not going to compete against others. Having a mobile-friendly website shows to your potential consumers that you are out to compete, and you are genuinely serious about what you are doing, thus, enticing them to purchase or stay with you.

It Improves Your Google Ranking

Google is a fan of such businesses that have mobile-friendly websites. As of today, Google is still on top of the search engine website hierarchies. And that is why businesses are still doing their very best to be recognized by Google and be deemed worthy of their first page spots. This venture is extremely tough; however, having a mobile-friendly website certainly helps. Once Google has identified that your website is mobile-supported and top of that, excellent, the more it will work on your favor.

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