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Werribee River Association

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Werribee River Association (WRA) is a community-based environmental organisation focused on education, engagement, and the protection of local waterways. They approached Design Grid Digital Marketing with specific goals: modernise their brand, create a central hub for community groups, implement an advanced events system, and find an affordable, integrated email solution.

The Challenge

WRA had received funding to redesign their website with a focus on membership and donations. They were also looking to transition from Mailchimp to a more cost-effective email solution.

Our Approach

  1. Brand Refresh: We suggested that a new logo would bring a contemporary look and feel to WRA. The new logo features elements representing the streams affecting the rivers and the platypus, a species native to the Werribee River.
  2. Website Redesign: We overhauled the entire website, integrating Elementor for easy updates and maintenance.
  3. Community Hub: The new site serves as a central hub for all WRA community groups, offering a unified platform for engagement and information sharing.
  4. Advanced Events System: We integrated Eventin by ThemeWinter, providing WRA with a sophisticated yet user-friendly events management system.
  5. Email Solution: We migrated WRA’s subscriber list from Mailchimp to Mailpoet, creating new newsletter templates that align with their refreshed brand.

Features at a Glance

  • Social Media Integration
  • Mailpoet for email campaigns
  • PayPal-integrated donation system
  • Video slider
  • Multiple image galleries


The new website and logo have been well-received by the WRA community. The site not only serves as a vibrant hub for community engagement but also streamlines donations and memberships. The transition from Mailchimp to Mailpoet has offered WRA an affordable, integrated email solution without compromising on functionality.

Ongoing Partnership

Our relationship with Werribee River Association didn’t end with the launch of their new website and brand. We’ve entered into an ongoing partnership for maintenance and support, ensuring that their digital platform remains up-to-date and continues to serve the community effectively. This includes regular updates, performance monitoring, and immediate troubleshooting, allowing WRA to focus on their core mission of environmental education and community engagement.


The Werribee River Association now boasts a modern, functional website that aligns with its mission and community focus. Our ongoing support ensures that the platform remains robust and adaptable, ready to meet the association’s evolving needs. The new digital platform has enhanced WRA’s ability to engage with its community, manage events, and drive donations, setting them up for continued growth and impact.

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