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The Hose Monkey, a mobile hydraulic hose repair business based in Williamstown, initially approached Design Grid with a specific goal: to improve their Google rankings and local visibility. While they already had a well-designed website, they understood the importance of organic SEO for long-term success. We aligned with their vision and suggested focusing on on-page SEO as the foundational step before diving into any paid advertising strategies.

The Initial Phase: On-Page SEO

  1. SEO Audit: Our first task was to conduct a comprehensive SEO audit of their existing website. This helped us identify areas for improvement and set the stage for the ongoing strategy.
  2. Metadata and Keywords: We updated their metadata to focus on targeted keywords, laying the groundwork for future SEO efforts.
  3. Affordable Solutions: Recognising the need for cost-effective strategies, we provided THM with the advice and tools they needed to carry out some of the SEO work themselves.

Within just a few days, The Hose Monkey started seeing tangible results, gaining more visibility on Google and improving their rankings.

The Next Phase: Website Relaunch

While the initial SEO work was showing promise, The Hose Monkey wanted to take their digital presence to the next level. This led to a complete website redesign.

Our Approach

  1. Platform and Tools: Utilising WordPress, Elementor, and WP Astra Pro, we crafted a visually appealing and functional website that aligns with The Hose Monkey’s brand ethos.
  2. User Experience: The site was designed with user experience in mind, featuring a responsive design that adapts to various devices for smooth browsing.
  3. Content Management: We empowered The Hose Monkey with a user-friendly interface that allows for easy content updates, ensuring the site remains engaging and current.


The relaunched website has not only elevated The Hose Monkey’s online presence but has also given them full control over their content. The site is now a true reflection of their brand, showcasing their services in the best possible light.

Client Feedback

Paul Fowler, the founder of The Hose Monkey, has expressed immense satisfaction with the new website and the noticeable improvement in their online visibility.


Our work with The Hose Monkey demonstrates the power of a multi-phase digital strategy. Starting with a strong SEO foundation and culminating in a website relaunch, we’ve helped them carve out a significant digital footprint in a competitive market. The Hose Monkey now stands as a testament to what can be achieved when SEO and web design are harmoniously integrated.

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