Sweet By Nature & Cakeagram – website ongoing support

When Sweet By Nature and their newest brand, Cakeagram, reached out to Design Grid, they were grappling with a series of issues left unresolved by their previous developer. Their websites, integrated with EXO/MYOB through WooCommerce, needed urgent attention to enhance functionality and user experience.

What We Accomplished

  • Issue Resolution: We conducted a thorough audit of their existing systems and promptly addressed the lingering issues, bringing their websites back to optimal performance.
  • Delivery Integrations: Understanding the importance of a seamless delivery process for an e-commerce business, we set up advanced delivery integrations within their WooCommerce system. These integrations were designed to sync effortlessly with their EXO/MYOB setup.
  • Ongoing Support: During our engagement, we provided ongoing support to ensure that both websites remained updated and functional, allowing Sweet By Nature and Cakeagram to focus on what they do best—creating delicious treats.

The Outcome

Our intervention led to a more streamlined and efficient e-commerce experience for both Sweet By Nature and Cakeagram. The delivery integrations and issue resolutions significantly improved their operational workflow, contributing to a better customer experience.

While we no longer provide ongoing maintenance for them, the improvements we implemented have left a lasting impact, setting them up for continued success in their online ventures.

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