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We’re delighted to share our recent collaboration with St. Andrew’s Anglican Church in Aberfeldie. Led by Vicar Michael, the church sought to modernise its digital presence, aiming to create an interactive and spiritually enriching online experience for its congregation and the broader community.

The Challenge

The existing website, built four years ago by a former parishioner, was in need of a comprehensive overhaul. The church required a platform that was not only user-friendly but also spiritually engaging, offering features that would appeal to those seeking meaning and connection in their lives.

The Solution
Research and Planning

Our team conducted an in-depth review of successful church websites, including Hillsong and Life.Church, to inform our strategy. This research helped us identify key features that resonate with churchgoers, such as an online event calendar, a donations area, and a prayer request function.

UI/UX Design

We embarked on a complete redesign of the website’s User Interface (UI) and wireframes, focusing on creating an intuitive and visually appealing experience. The new design incorporates modern aesthetics while maintaining the spiritual essence of the church.

Content Migration and Restructuring

We restructured the website’s navigation and migrated existing content, ensuring that users can easily find the information they’re looking for.

Interactive Features

The new website includes interactive components like Bible studies, newsletter subscriptions, and online gospel readings, providing a rich and engaging experience for visitors.

Social Media Integration

We integrated the website with social media platforms like YouTube, allowing the church to extend its reach and engage with a wider audience.

Logo Showcase

The project also gave us the opportunity to showcase the stunning new logo we created for St. Andrew’s, adding a touch of modernity to their brand identity.

The Outcome

The newly redesigned website has been met with positive feedback from the congregation and community alike. It serves as a dynamic platform that not only informs but also spiritually enriches its visitors.

Ongoing Relationship

We’re thrilled to continue our partnership with St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, providing ongoing support and updates to ensure the website remains a vibrant and effective tool for community engagement.

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