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We’re excited to share our recent collaboration with Mahana Culture, a company committed to fostering a positive workplace culture through training and consultancy. They approached Design Grid to enhance their graphic design elements across various platforms, including learning materials, documentation, and their MailChimp newsletter.

The Challenge

Mahana Culture had an existing brand identity but faced challenges in maintaining brand consistency across different types of content. They needed a design partner who could understand their brand ethos and apply it seamlessly to various materials.

The Solution
Brand Audit

We began by conducting a thorough audit of Mahana Culture’s existing brand elements. This helped us understand the nuances of their visual identity and how best to maintain consistency.

Learning Materials

We designed a range of learning materials that not only serve as effective educational tools but also resonate with Mahana Culture’s brand. The designs were clean, engaging, and in line with the company’s ethos.


For their internal and client-facing documents, we applied a consistent design theme that reflects the brand’s values and aesthetic. This included templates for reports, presentations, and other essential documents.

MailChimp Newsletter

We took charge of redesigning Mahana Culture’s newsletter on MailChimp. The new design is not only visually appealing but also aligns perfectly with their brand, ensuring a cohesive experience for their subscribers.

The Outcome

The redesigned learning materials, documentation, and newsletters have been well-received, reinforcing Mahana Culture’s brand identity and enhancing their professional image. The consistent design elements across all platforms have helped Mahana Culture present a unified and polished brand to their clients and stakeholders.

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