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When Impressive Robe Doors approached us, they had a unique challenge: they wanted to offer customers the ability to purchase DIY wardrobes online. This wasn’t just a typical e-commerce setup; it required a custom-built solution to allow customers to input their measurements, choose materials, and make payments online.

Our Approach

  • Custom Filtering System: We developed a unique filtering system from scratch, tailored specifically for Impressive Robe Doors. This system integrates seamlessly with WordPress and uses WooCommerce for secure online payments.
  • Domain Recovery: Our client faced issues with reclaiming their domain from a previous host. We stepped in and successfully regained access through
  • Additional Services: Beyond the digital realm, we also designed printed business leaflets and product displays to enhance their offline marketing efforts.
  • Hosting and SEO: We provided domain and website hosting solutions, along with SEO optimisation to improve their online visibility.
  • Google Ads: To drive targeted traffic to the new website, we also managed their Google Ads campaigns.

Ongoing Partnership

We’ve built a strong, ongoing relationship with Impressive Robe Doors, regularly updating and adding new features to their website. This partnership has been incredibly fruitful, with a significant uptick in their online sales since the website’s launch.

The Outcome

Today, Impressive Robe Doors not only enjoys a robust online presence but also has a highly functional and user-friendly platform that allows customers to customise and purchase DIY wardrobes with ease. The success of this project is evident in their soaring online sales and the strong partnership we continue to maintain. With our ongoing support in website maintenance and digital marketing, we’re excited to see where Impressive Robe Doors will go next.

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