Footscray Historical Society & ANZAC website

Footscray Historical Society & ANZAC website

Footscray Historical Society (FHS) approached us with a dual challenge: modernise their existing website while restoring their offline ANZAC site. Understanding the importance of both platforms, we set out to create a user-friendly experience that would make historical information easily accessible to the community.

Streamlined Navigation and Content Realignment

One of the major issues with FHS’s old website was the disorganised content structure. We conducted a comprehensive content audit and reorganised the information into a more intuitive navigation system. This not only enhanced the user experience but also made it easier for visitors to find relevant historical data quickly.

ANZAC Site Restoration

The ANZAC site held significant value for FHS and its community. We successfully restored it from backups and configured it to operate in its own database, bringing it back to its original state.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

Our engagement with Footscray Historical Society extends beyond project completion. We’ve entered into a long-term partnership for ongoing maintenance and support. This includes regular updates, security monitoring, and immediate troubleshooting, allowing FHS to focus on their core mission of preserving and sharing Footscray’s rich history.

Client Satisfaction

FHS expressed immense satisfaction with the work we’ve done and looks forward to our continued partnership. The revamped website and restored ANZAC site have not only met but exceeded their expectations, setting the stage for future collaborations.

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