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As DKB Garden transitioned from Western Australia to Melbourne, they faced the challenge of establishing their brand in a new market, especially during the uncertainties of COVID-19. They turned to Design Grid to help redefine their brand, aiming to stand out not just as another garden maintenance service but as specialists in horticulture.

What We’ve Done

  • Logo Redesign: We started by revamping DKB Garden’s logo, steering it away from a generic garden maintenance look. The new logo now resonates with the specialist horticulturist niche, adding a touch of sophistication and expertise to the brand.
  • Focused Website: We developed a one-page website that serves as a digital portfolio for DKB Garden. The site is laser-focused on their specialist services, providing potential clients with a clear understanding of what sets them apart in the horticulture industry.
  • Social Media Integration: To keep the content fresh and engaging, we integrated their social media feeds into the website. This allows DKB Garden to effortlessly showcase their latest projects and engage with their community.

The Outcome

The rebranding has been a pivotal step for DKB Garden as they navigate the Melbourne market. The new logo and website not only encapsulate their expertise but also position them as specialists in a competitive field. The social media integration keeps their audience updated and engaged, serving as a dynamic portfolio of their latest work. DKB Garden is now well-equipped to grow their business in their new home city.

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