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Design Grid Transforms Expert Reblocking & Underpinning’s Online Presence

Discover how Design Grid's expertise in web design and development brought Expert Reblocking & Underpinning's 31-year legacy into the digital era with a stunning one-page website.

Expert Reblocking & Underpinning, situated in Tullamarine, holds an impressive track record of 31 years, specialising in top-tier foundation-related services. Under the leadership of Nash, a registered building practitioner, the company has consistently set industry standards for quality. As the digital age unfolds, Nash recognised the need to establish a robust online presence to complement their long-standing reputation for excellence. This case study explores how Design Grid partnered with Expert Reblocking & Underpinning to embark on their digital journey.

The Challenge:

With over three decades of experience, Expert Reblocking & Underpinning has carved a niche as a trusted entity in foundation work. However, like many local businesses, they lacked an online presence representing their expertise. Nash sought to bridge this gap by entering the digital space while preserving the core values that defined his business.

Our Solution:

Design Grid was excited to collaborate with Expert Reblocking & Underpinning to craft a landing page as part of our Tradie Website Package that introduced them to the digital landscape and authentically encapsulated their legacy of quality.

Our approach encompassed:

  1. Prominent Banner:
    We designed a prominently placed banner featuring a direct call to action link, allowing visitors to connect seamlessly with Expert Reblocking and underpinning.
  2. About Us Section:
    An ‘About Us’ section highlighted their role as a trusted entity with a rich history of exceeding customer expectations.
  3. Service Breakdown:
    We provided a detailed breakdown of their services, ensuring visitors gained a clear understanding of their extensive expertise.
  4. Client Testimonials:
    Genuine client testimonials were incorporated, confirming the trust and credibility built over the years.
  5. User-Friendly Gallery:
    We created a user-friendly gallery, allowing Nash to showcase specific projects with before and after photos, spotlighting their transformative work.
  6. Contact Us Section:
    A ‘Contact Us’ section ensured Nash remained approachable and just a message away.

The objective was to create an online space that honestly reflected Expert Reblocking & Underpinning’s values, offering Nash a practical tool to showcase his business and services to potential customers.

Google Business Profile (GBP) Optimisation:

In addition to enhancing its website, Design Grid optimised Expert Reblocking & Underpinning’s online presence through the Google Business Profile (GBP) service. Our GBP service includes:

  1. Profile Setup:
    We handled all the technicalities, from creating their GBP profile to integrating their logo and filling in all pertinent details.
  2. SEO Synchronization:
    By aligning the services on their Google Business Profile with their website, we enhanced their SEO alignment, ensuring a seamless digital footprint.


  • Expert Reblocking & Underpinning’s digital presence now mirrors its reputation for quality.
  • The website’s user-friendly design ensures seamless navigation for visitors.
  • Nash can effortlessly manage and update content, keeping the site current and engaging.


The partnership with Expert Reblocking & Underpinning exemplifies Design Grid’s commitment to delivering bespoke design and development solutions. By crafting an engaging and user-friendly website and optimising its Google Business Profile, we’ve empowered Expert Reblocking & Underpinning to expand its reach and fulfil its mission of providing quality foundation work.

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