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We’ve shown you our Mailpoet alternative, and now we’re here to show your our Linktree alternative: Taplink! In this article, we will look at what Taplink is and how it works.

We’ve shown you our Mailpoet alternative, and now we’re here to show your our Linktree alternative: Taplink!

What is Taplink, and how does it work?

Taplink is a smart link service for Instagram that allows you to get more customers and substantially increase sales by turning your followers into clients. It helps you do this by creating an extended profile description on social media. Taplink is not a small player either, with now over 2,000,000 users!

Instagram limits the amount of information you can write in your bio to 150 words and only one link. This limitation can be an issue for new or smaller businesses who want to give their potential customers more information about their company or products.

Taplink allows you to create a micro landing page using one of its ready-made templates. You can add multiple links, images, video, text and an FAQ section to help engage potential clients. You can create a micro landing page in around 20 minutes , so it’s pretty efficient if you are new to using this tool. In addition, it is easy to use and has plenty of additional features that you can add to your landing page.


Taplink has multiple useful functions for businesses to use. It allows their one link on Instagram too:

  • share multiple links;
  • easily create a micro landing page;
  • share all your social networks;
  • share applications;
  • allow direct payments by connecting to Stripe, PayPal, Square, Payser, EcommPay, PayStack, and more;
  • receive instant notification of new orders;
  • export leads to a CRM, or use the Taplink built-in CRM (Customer Relationship Manager);
  • have your booking system directly through your Instagram;
  • add a link to connect your messenger, WhatsApp, SMS or other social media messaging services to your Instagram profile, making It easy for customers to connect to you.

In terms of pricing, there are a range of pricing plans and the potential to increase your customer base and leads on Instagram significantly.

Why use a tool like this?

As mentioned earlier, Instagram only has a limited word count in the bio section and only space for one link. This limitation can be a disadvantage to new and small businesses, influencers, entrepreneurs or content creators if they don’t have a website whose aim is to drive sales and traffic directly through Instagram.

Therefore, Taplink provides a useful alternative. Businesses or influencers can give more information about themselves or products- without paying for a domain or creating a website.

Taplink vs Linktree

Taplink is a good alternative to use over LinkTree. Many businesses are now moving away from LinkTree in favour of other bio linking tools instead.

One of the main reasons Taplink has become a preferred tool to use over Linktree is the range of functions. Both apps operate in a similar way, but Taplink offers additional features. These features include chatting app links, text blocks, images and videos, payment forms, and the option of having several pages of information.

Another advantage that Taplink has over Linktree is its selection of templates for you to use. With Linktree, there are only a handful of colours and fonts, meaning you can’t match it easily to your branding. Even the paid version limits what you can use, which is not great from a marketing perspective! Not having a colour design similar to your brand could result in customers wondering why the appearance of the brand has suddenly changed when they click on the link. In comparison, Taplink has more than 300 templates, so more options for your colour scheme.

Lastly, Linktree does not provide detailed analytical insights, only basic stats, including how many clicks on a link and lifetime views. Taplink gives more detailed Instagram insights and stats using the built-in CRM tool.

They are both at a similar cost in terms of price plans, so if you want a basic no-frills tool, then Linktree is still a useful option.

Is Taplink right for me?

Taplink is a great tool if you are a small or independent business. This app is also perfect for influencers, content creators, or if you simply don’t have your website set up yet. It’s useful to provide information about your business through Instagram. It further allows you to link up sales and contact services from your micro landing page.

For further information or help with getting started with Taplink, or to enquire about a new website, visit our Services page or contact Design Grid today!

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