Less is more with minimalist website design

Less is more with minimalist website design. 

Minimalism in web design is about simplifying the interface by removing unnecessary elements.

How (and why) minimalist website design works

As evidenced by its namesake, minimalist website design is a web design style that follows the mantra of “less is more.” This is done by solely keeping the bare and essential elements of a site in the final layout. Going for a minimalist website design allows your website to better get its point across to viewers by removing any communication barriers or noise. This, in turn, creates a better customer experience. Contrary to how simple and straightforward it sounds, many website owners miss out on the point entirely.  They fail to create a minimalist web design simply because they know nothing about it.

We’ve put together a simple guide that you can use when creating a minimalist web design for your site. Having the right knowledge of creating a minimalist web design can go a long way in the effectivity of the final product.

Here are a few crucial tips that you should keep in mind:

Use white space to your advantage

One common factor of just about every failed website is cluttered web design. When tons of elements are clouding a user’s thinking space, it will be much harder for them to come to a final purchasing decision— which is exactly why you need whitespace. Adding whitespace to your web design can bring your website’s look a step closer to looking, feeling, and being minimalist. This in turn generates a better user experience by allowing visitors to concentrate their attention on your content and products.

Add bright colours with a hint of balance

As counterproductive as adding bright colours may sound, a few eye-catching shades and hues can help you captivate visitors as long as you use them with a sense of balance in mind. Adding bright colours to different CTA buttons, prompts, and guides can also help with guiding your website’s visitors in the right direction.

Lower your image count, but raise the quality

While images are definitely good to have on your website, too many of them can divert attention in the worst way possible while robbing your web design of a minimalist feel. In order to maximize your website’s images by reducing their number, stick to using large, bright, and high-quality photos in order to attract your users while establishing a clear-cut emotional connection. 

Reduce your text with KISS

KISS, which is short for “Keep It Short and Simple” is a tried-and-proven writing method that allows a website to synthesize blocks of text while reducing character and word count for better minimalist finesse. In order to stick to the minimalist guidelines of minimalist web design, try to keep your text elements to the bare essentials while cutting out any unnecessary words, sentences, and phrases. This will make for a greater look that still gets the word out!

Need some inspiration?

Creative Bloq have put together 17 websites that use minimalism beautifully.

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