How Voice Search Will Dominate in 2020

Imagine using your voice to get information and ask questions about a specific item or brand. Or, have you already been calling out “Hey Siri”, “Hey Google”, or even “Alexa” instead of scrolling or typing?

Through a voice search, a user can search the web and provide an answer to questions. Furthermore, this audio technology generates speech recognition to understand users with precision. As a result, the user can speak to its device and receive a response orally. Through such technology, generated results don’t require the need for typing words on a specific device.

Its significance brought its prominence and popularity. Studies show that it is currently creating a new landmark and future to the voice technology. In the year 2020, researchers say that at least 50 per cent of web searches will come from voice searches. Also, E-commerce and business website use voice searches for optimization purposes. Thus, these results mark new beginnings for this technology.

Visualizing a World With Voice Searches


The use of voice searches isn’t a new type of technology for us. Instead, it was modified to offer more to its users. The voice search technology utilized voice dialling and speech-to-text programs in the past. Today, this technology applies to various applications, websites, brands, and e-commerce platforms.

The growing dominance of voice searches is becoming more and more persistent. Moreover, there are now numerous platforms that perform such technology. As an example, googling becomes easy and convenient through the Google Assistant. This application is capable of answering all of your queries by using the Google Search Index. Similarly, shopping has been made easy by using Amazon’s Alexa. It can easily shop, place orders, or even answer questions about a specific product. Plus connect your home through technology to automate almost everything!

There are no limits with the number of actions you require and the number of questions you need. From a mobile device to your appliances, the voice search technology can do the work for you. Along with this, the business sector is also making its way to the adaptation of voice searches. Thus, this technology is now a tool to enter the intense competition among various markets.

Creating New Ways Using the Voice Search

As time and technology progress, a changing strategy among businesses is also essential. The voice search strategy is known as a way that increases interaction and customer sales. To further explain, here are the top reasons why a business owner like you should have a voice assistant:

  • Rank One Among Your Competitors

One’s capacity to adapt to changes and technology is the key to become on top. As a result, the use of the voice search strategy gives the possibility of customers being able to find your website. In the perspective of your customers, it is better to select a business that is in trend and has advanced features offered. Thus, there are more chances that a potential customer will choose your brand over others.

Similarly, voice search technology is a growing strategy among business owners. Along with this, there aren’t many brands who offer such a feature. Choosing to have one allows you to have leverage among your competitors by leading the use of such technology. Thus, there is a high probability that your potential customers who used a voice search to go for your brand.

  • Offer an Improved User Experience


With the help of technology, everything and anything becomes easy and possible. Having a voice search strategy allows you to interact and improve customer service for your clients. By merely using voice to ask and answer questions, selecting your brand becomes more convenient to your customers. 

Aside from an improved customer experience, it also promotes loyalty and relationship among your clients. Since there are less human errors when interacting with your brand, it builds trust and loyalty.

  • Increase Site Traffic

One of the most significant benefits this strategy could offer is the web traffic that it can guarantee. Web traffic happens every time a customer opens your website after interacting with your voice assistant. Since the answers have come from your website, your customers can easily access the site and look for more information once needed.

Dwelling with such technology in your own is not an easy task. If you are seeking ways on how to utilize this strategy, we are here to give you the help that you need. Get a consultation with us now!

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