Choosing the Perfect Domain Name

Your domain name is just as important as having the right company name. It’s vital to get it right at the very start as it will stick with you for a very long time. It is the one that connects your customers to your brand or company. And that is why you need to make sure it is memorable and also significant for search engines to find you. 

Need help choosing the right domain name? Well, read on.

Make Sure It’s Not Already Trademarked.

Our number one rule of thumb is to make sure you do your homework with both your business name and your domain name. It’s best to check that your business name and domain name are available before purchasing both. We’ve seen many clients be disappointed when they’ve come up with a great business name, only to find that the domain name is already taken by somebody else.

You also don’t want to have a name that is closely related to another brand, as your customers might get confused. It’s best to be original and keep it simple.

Choose the Right Domain Name Extension

We recommend “.com” and “” straight-off-the-bat UNLESS you are in the educational or government field where you would take up the corresponding domain extension.  

“.com” is generally better as most people will attempt this first. If you’re in Australia and only selling locally, you may prefer to use “” to show your customers your locally made. We would generally recommend buying both and redirecting one to the other to have the best of both worlds. 

“.edu” and “.gov” have a higher domain authority in search. It’s best to stick to these if you are eligible.

Stick With Your Brand


Your brand should be in your domain name. It’s best to keep this consistent with your business name, and it also helps your search engine results providing proof of your business name. Plus your customer will remember your business name over something more generic.

Shorter Domain Names Are Best

Make your name punchy and easy to remember. found that the shorter the name, the better with most names being around 12 characters. Having a shorter domain name also means that the search engines won’t cut off your URL in result pages.

Make It Easy To Remember and Type

Refrain from using any words that might be difficult to spell or remember. Customers want to find your site easily. Don’t make it harder for anyone to find.

No Hyphens or Numbers

 Similarly, with hyphens or numbers, this makes your domain too confusing to remember, and you want to make it sound punchy for your audience to remember it.

Think About Keywords

 Your SEO is critical here. Including keywords relating to your niche and field could make or break your website. Keywords will push you up in the search results ranking.

Think Locally


Is your business local? By placing in Melbourne or your suburb into your domain, it will make it easier for your customers to find and remember you.

Stuck? – Look at Name Generators

Unsure about what name to call yourself? Here are some handing name generators:

Lean Domain Search – created by WordPress.

Wordoid – puts your selected names at the back and front of the domains.

Business Name Generator – created by Shopify.

If you already have some ideas, check whether they are available with our handy domain name search tool.

Buy Quick


Domain names can sell fast, and you might find it gone before you choose to buy it. Domains are inexpensive, so we recommend buying anything you might be interested in to make sure you don’t lose it.

Need some more help? Contact us about your domain OR buy now for as little as $14 annually. We can also help with website packages and hosting.

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