10 reasons why you should redesign your website!

We upgrade our mobile phones regularly to keep up with the latest features, but how frequently should your redesign your website? Technology doesn’t just change for mobiles, websites evolve too! If your site has not been updated in three years, you may need to review yours to check if you are:

  • still reaching your customers
  • still achieving the right engagement.

Read below to see why it’s so important:

Reason #1: You have to dress to impress

You may want to “party like it’s 1999”, but if your website looks outdated, your customers may be inclined to think that your business is also out of touch. You want to look authoritative and seen as the expert in your field – a professional and up-to-date design sets that first impression!

Reason #2: You need to be responsive

50% of users visiting your site are looking via their mobile right now according to statista. The desktop will soon be “old-school” and to ignore the mobile market, you are potentially driving mobile users and potential customers away.

Reason #3: Your website needs to be fast

Outdated programming language and plugins mean unnecessary HTML code. These plugins and codes may be slowing your site down, which will impact your Google ranking. Code has advanced and so has the web browsers being used. You need to make sure you are complying with the new web standards in your redesign.

Reason #4: You want people to find you!

Google changes their algorithms constantly, what worked a month ago might not be as high as prioritised today. For example, meta keywords are no longer a thing, keyword targeting is. To make sure people find you, you need to optimise your website with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Reason #6: You want people to know what you do

Getting design out of the way, a customer is visiting your website because they are looking for useful information. We all want instant results which means content that is simple, to-the-point and more effective. Remember: on a mobile, people flick through content so you only have 2-4 seconds to grab someone’s attention.

Reason #7: You want people to find your content

There’s no point having great content if your customer either can’t find it or, you have too much information upfront. We’ve found a lot of older websites might just add pages of content to their site, without thinking about how it fits. A redesign will make you look at your information, work out whether you need it and group items together.

Reason #8: You don’t want to be hacked!

Security flaws are much greater in older websites as it uses less secure coding and technology. To reduce the risk, it’s best to make sure you’re using the latest applications and plugins on your site.

Reason #9: You want free exposure

Social media and websites were separate items previously, where now, you can integrate these to make the most of your exposure. Social media can keep your website fresh, improve your SEO and give you opportunities to improve customer care. The more outlets you are on, the more traffic comes your way. Do we need to say more?

Reason #10: You want to save time

Don’t have the time to do everything? There might just be a new tool to help you reduce your efforts. There are new tools that allow you to push social media posts to your website or vice versa. These can dramatically reduce the effort of posting on all your social media profiles and allow you to get on with your job.

Finally: Don’t get left behind – redesign now!

If you have ticked more than one of the boxes above, it is time to get your site reviewed and redesigned. A review can help you identify what items you need to work on first.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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