Tips on Redesigning Your Best Website in 2020

In 2020, it’s even more important to have an optimised and well-designed website to ensure your business continues to grow. This tool is the first interaction with your brand. You need to make sure your customer has success on your site, whether it is to buy, find out information, or to get in contact with you. Your website is the best marketing tool that can generate revenue, sales, and ultimately lead to business success. Best remember that there is no harm in redesigning your website when needed. However, building and creating one isn’t enough. With the ongoing development of technology, it is necessary to keep up constantly. Without an efficient website, you may start to notice reduced traffic, decreasing sales, and even negative feedback from your users.


Here are the top tips to redesigning your website for 2020:

Self-Check and Evaluate Your Site

Similar to most objects, proper evaluation is the key to know what’s broken. This way, you’ll be able to determine the current status of your site, which is essential as a first step. This tip will also help you obtain specific analytics and feedback to know what has been working for you. Through a self-check, you will know which parts to keep and build.

Determine What’s New and Trendy

It is essential to know what’s new and trendy to succeed in your online marketing plan. This step will help you perceive an excellent website that can work on your business niche. Similarly, it can provide you with leverage towards your competitors.

Elevate Your Colour and Style

Knowing what most people do and like isn’t enough. Instead, being unique while creating your colours is also necessary. With this, your customers will be able to determine the colour and style that your company established.

Aside from aesthetics and fresh design, you must also consider incorporating your company logo and images. By selecting a specific text style, colour, and style, your brand will have its own identity. Don’t be afraid to visit other sites to get ideas or check out Instagram and Pinterest for some colour options.

Consider the Use of Voice Technology

Website experts and researches studied the growing dominance of the voice search technology on websites. Incorporating this in your website can provide specific benefits for the company.

Most online searches are now done through the use of voices. Thus, it becomes more prevalent, especially in 2020. Through this technology, your website will offer a user-friendly feature and increased traffic. It can also increase your ranking against your competitors.

Keep in Mind Your Users

Several websites lose revenue and sales due to the negative experience a customer might have on your website. Keep in mind what your customers will feel upon exploring the site. Go through your website as if you were a customer from start to finish. Think about how they might purchase an item, maybe they want to check out your shipping options or costs. See what you find frustrating about your purchasing process or what works well. You’ll get a better idea about how you can do some redesigning your website for improvement, which will increase a better turnover on your site.

Develop a Mobile-Friendly Site

If you are not mobile-friendly by now, you are losing customers. Today, people use their mobile phones more than their desktops. Due to its convenience smartphones offer, anyone can visit a site anywhere.

Whether someone needs an immediate product or service, a modified website is a great help. Make sure your customers can visit your site no matter what mobile or device being used.

Produce Quality Content

Quality and well-made content is the best tool to engage and communicate with your clients. By having such, your customers will know about your brand and the products or services that you offer. The content will also show how much your brand has been thought of and well created.

We believe that you need to know what content you want first before designing your website. This way, you will be able to show and express content through words. In designing, you can quickly fill spaces with any image or graphic designs.

Set a Proper Deadline

Redesigning your website is not an easy task. Doing this task will take much of your time. You need to go one-by-one on each page and design it the way you want it to be. Also, you need to ensure that all pages work and are well-made.

By setting a deadline, you’ll know the amount of time that you will be spending. This way, it can help you plot and evaluate the things that you must accomplish. Most importantly, with a time already set, you will know how to manage and use it properly.

Doing this thing on your own will require much time, effort, expertise, and talent.


If you are finding that you don’t have the time, we can help you rebuild or even the whole process of redesigning your website. Check us out and get a free consultation with us today!

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