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    • West Footscray Health Wellbeing Timetable

In a time when community well-being is more important than ever, Design Grid Digital Marketing felt compelled to give back to our local WEFO community. Recognising the challenges posed by the Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent stay-at-home mandates, we identified a pressing need: a platform for our health and well-being community to showcase their free online classes.

A Timely Solution

We developed a mobile-friendly timetable complete with individual profiles for each participating business. The design was intentionally straightforward, focusing on usability and immediate community impact. This digital timetable served as a lifeline for many, offering easy access to free online classes aimed at enhancing health and well-being during a particularly challenging period.

More Than Just a Project

This pro-bono work wasn’t just another project for us; it was an opportunity to contribute positively to a community we deeply care about. We’re proud to have made a meaningful difference when it was most needed.

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