Midsumma – management of Umbraco website

We’re honoured to collaborate with Midsumma, a cornerstone in celebrating LGBTQIA+ communities through various arts and cultural festivals. Our ongoing relationship involves providing technical support for their existing website, built on the Umbraco platform.

What We’ve Done

  • CMS Technical Updates: We’ve been actively involved in updating the technical components of their Content Management System (CMS), ensuring it remains secure, efficient, and user-friendly.
  • Feature Additions: To keep the website engaging and functional, we’ve added new features tailored to Midsumma’s unique needs and audience.
  • Midsumma 2021 Special Project: The pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to live events. For the 2021 festival, we developed an online virtual stall to ensure the event could go on in a safe and accessible manner.

The Outcome

Our ongoing technical support ensures that Midsumma’s website remains a reliable platform for both the organisers and the community. The added features and updates have enhanced user experience, while our work on the 2021 festival’s virtual stall provided a creative solution to the challenges posed by COVID-19. We’re proud to be a part of Midsumma’s mission and look forward to our continued partnership.

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