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When Tina from Mattise Beauty approached us with her vision for an online store featuring her handcrafted jewellery, we knew Shopify would be the perfect platform for her needs.

What We Delivered

  • Platform Selection: Given Tina’s specific requirements and the user-friendly nature of Shopify, we recommended it as the ideal e-commerce solution for her online store.
  • Inventory Management: With Tina’s handcrafted products in hand, we meticulously catalogued each item, setting up a streamlined inventory system within Shopify.
  • Website Development: We crafted an elegant online store that not only showcases Tina’s unique jewellery but also offers a seamless shopping experience for her customers.
  • Logo Refinement: Tina’s existing logo needed a bit of fine-tuning to meet the website’s resolution requirements. We touched it up to ensure it aligns perfectly with her brand’s aesthetic.

Client Feedback

Tina was thrilled with the final outcome, particularly appreciating the ease with which she could manage her inventory on Shopify. The website design, inspired by professional sites like Sue Sensi, has become one of our favourites.

The Outcome

With a polished online store and a refined logo, Mattise Beauty is well-positioned to attract a broad audience who appreciate handcrafted jewellery. The Shopify platform not only makes it easy for Tina to manage her inventory but also offers her customers a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience.

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