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IWH Consult, a building surveyor and consultant firm, initially engaged Design Grid for website hosting and email services. However, after discussions with Issac, the firm’s owner, it became clear that the existing website did not align with the professional image he envisioned for his business. We collaborated with Issac to redesign the site, introducing a bilingual interface in both English and Chinese—a first for us. The result was a one-stop-shop homepage that clearly articulated the firm’s services in a mobile-responsive design.

The Next Phase: SEO and Content Management

While the redesigned website served as a robust platform for IWH Consult, Issac recognised the need for ongoing digital optimisation to maintain a competitive edge. That’s where our recent work comes into play.

Our Approach

  1. SEO Audit: We initiated the project with a comprehensive SEO audit, identifying areas for improvement and benchmarking against competitors in the building consultancy space.
  2. Content Strategy: Based on the audit’s findings, we developed a content strategy aimed at leveraging new, industry-specific keywords to drive organic traffic.
  3. Digital Marketing Services: Beyond SEO and content, we offered a suite of digital marketing services tailored to IWH Consult’s unique needs, ensuring they didn’t have to look elsewhere for additional support.


  • Keyword Research: We conducted an in-depth analysis to identify high-potential keywords specific to the building consultancy industry.
  • Content Creation: Our content management services included the creation of engaging, SEO-optimised content designed to attract and retain a targeted audience.
  • Ongoing SEO: Post-implementation, we continued to monitor SEO performance, making data-driven adjustments to maintain and improve search engine rankings.


Our ongoing support and digital optimisation services have led to a noticeable uptick in website traffic and improved search engine rankings for IWH Consult. The content strategy, in particular, has resonated well with the target audience, driving increased engagement and lead generation.

Client Feedback

Issac has expressed satisfaction with the ongoing digital transformation, noting the tangible benefits in terms of online visibility and customer engagement.


Our relationship with IWH Consult exemplifies the importance of ongoing digital optimisation. The initial website redesign laid the groundwork, but it’s the continuous efforts in SEO and content management that are now propelling IWH Consult to new heights in a competitive market.

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